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Real Estate & Construction industry insights - property tax report

The improving market and proportionate tax burden borne by the Real Estate & Construction industry means the topic of property taxes and their impact on the economy is more relevant than ever. Our report shares with you the findings from conversations held nationally with those in the industry about property taxes and their impact

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Real Estate & Construction: Industry focus

Grant Thornton offers tailored solutions to meet your objectives by combining global sector knowledge and local expertise, as well as integrating the best advice from across our service lines and geographically. We can help you to enable and drive the success of both existing and new real estate investments, no matter where you are operating or where you are looking to expand.

Microclimates of opportunity: Real estate & construction report 2014 

This report draws on more than 700 interviews with business leaders in 45 economies to understand how the real estate & construction sector is recovering from the financial crisis, where the opportunities lie and what businesses are doing to keep their operations running smoothly and free from fraud.

Time for a new direction: fighting fraud in Construction

Our global analysis following research carried out in Australia, Canada, India, the US and the UK identifies the high risk areas and challenges for construction companies dealing with fraud. The report makes recommendations to help companies avoid falling victim to fraud including the use of technology to fight fraud.

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Fighting Construction fraud in Australia

 Fraud and corruption is commonplace in the Australian construction sector and poses a significant threat to the industry’s growth, profitability and reputation. Our research identifies the high risk areas and challenges for construction companies dealing with fraud. The report makes recommendations to help companies avoid falling victim to fraud including the use of technology to fight fraud.

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Funding developments in the Real Estate & Construction industry

It’s been a prolonged period of downturn for the Australian Real Estate & Construction (RE&C) industry. While some regions and sectors have fared better than others, many have struggled to weather the storm. For those organisations, the ability to manage existing facilities or source alternative funding has proven key to survival.

The Australian real estate and construction industry has gone through peaks and troughs over the last few years. The market is continually changing as businesses look to restructure and rationalise whilst re-evaluating long term developments, investments and contracts. We recognise the need to effectively manage costs at a time where the market is under pressure and to help maximise after tax returns. In these times you need an adviser who genuinely listens and takes the time to ask the difficult questions, and the questions you might not have thought about.

Our team has extensive experience with real estate, construction and infrastructure clients. Our understanding of the unique issues facing entities in these sectors means that you will:

  • receive practical insights and guidance to improve your business  
  • avoid last minute surprises and receive early issue identification from a team that proactively anticipates your needs
  • enjoy timely, authoritative feedback and quick responses to your concerns

Grant Thornton Australia’s services to the real estate & construction industry include, but are not limited to:

Income Tax
Corporate and Private Group tax
Tax risk management and audit support
Research & development advice

Indirect Taxes
GST planning and advice
Stamp Duty /Land Tax planning

Staffing Matters
Enhancing salary packaging
FBT obligations and advice

Corporate acquisition and disposal
Managing transactions to completion
Raising transaction finance
Due diligence services

International operations
Inbound Planning
Withholding tax exposure
Global mobility services where relocating staff inbound / outbound
Assurance Services
International audit approach
Internal Audit and Systems Control Reviews
Forensic and Fraud

For more information about Grant Thornton’s services to the Real Estate & Construction industry, please contact:

Sian Sinclair
National Head of Real Estate & Construction
T +61 7 3222 0330
M +61 488 770 064


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